The Two Different Microsoft Visio Software Options

There are two different versions of Microsoft Visio available: Microsoft Visio Professional and Visio Standard.

Microsoft Visio Software Standard

Microsoft Visio Standard is an effective platform that includes an impressive array of tools to create easy-to-read diagrams. The stencils offered in Microsoft Visio Software can be used to design basic network diagrams, basic flowcharts, general and organizational charts, and multi-use diagrams. With this iteration of Microsoft Visio, you will be able to:

  • Utilize an enhanced quick-access floating toolbar so you can quickly get the tools you need most frequently. This program allows you to quickly replace any shape or combination of shapes without deleting your layout, metadata or shape connections. It also offers easy-to-use size guides, enhanced alignment, and more options for adjusting shapes. Microsoft Visio software allows you to quickly duplicate and rearrange pages without losing your diagram metadata and layout.
  • Quickly customize and create diagrams utilizing the expanded and improved themes and effects to transform your page in a few clicks. The search facility on the start screen allows you to quickly find the ideal stencil you need. Once you have created your intended diagram, Visio allows you to easily review and edit.
  • Import data from other Microsoft programs and create your organizational chart with the easy-to-use wizard. Microsoft Visio software also allows you to easily change how your chart appears by choosing one of the provided styles and then fine tune it with bolstered layout options. It also includes a new ribbon tab that provides powerful but simple controls. This program allows you to easily personalize your charts by importing either individual or bulk photo files from Exchange directories. All photos are automatically cropped to fit in the chosen shape.  
  • With Microsoft Visio software, you can use any device or browser to provide feedback and respond thanks to the better comment-adding feature. You can quickly point out any part of the diagram you want to comment on by adding comments that are linked to an individual shape. The comments will also move with the linked shape. Feedback management is further simplified by filtering and deleting comments. Best of all, Microsoft Visio software now as instant messaging enabled.

Microsoft Visio Professional

Microsoft Visio Professional makes it easy for individuals and teams to quickly create and share complex information in simple and easy-to-read diagrams. This program includes all of the functionality of the standard Microsoft Visio with updated styles, templates, and shapes. Microsoft Visio Professional includes:

  • Additional process diagrams like BPMN 1.2, BPMN 2.0, and SharePoint workflow.
  • Diagrams for engineering professionals, such as electrical, circuits, and systems
  • Software and database diagrams, such as detailed network, rack, and Active Directory
  • Extra flowcharts like Microsoft SharePoint workflows and Integrated Definition for Process Modeling (IDEFO)
  • Additional business diagrams, such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Six Sigma, value stream map, and PivotDiagram
  • Database and software diagrams like Unified Model Language (UML), website map, and database notation.

Instead of shrinking from the task of creating dynamic diagrams, flowcharts, floor plans, and more, Microsoft Visio provides the functionality to easily complete your task. Contact Software King today for a quick and cost-effective digital download of Microsoft Visio, so you can start creating today.