Are you wondering whether Kaspersky Antivirus is the right software for your needs? The following list of Kaspersky Antivirus features will help you find out.


Reliable Protection


Obviously, this is the most important of all the Kaspersky Antivirus features, numerous independent labs have tested the effectiveness of Antivirus software, with most giving it an excellent rating.The antivirus software gets optimal scores for dynamic protection and static virus detection. Kaspersky is just one of two software programs that have gotten an Advanced+ rating – the highest score that independent testing facilities give rating it excellent when it comes to three of the most important criteria – protection, usability and performance.


Excellent System Resource Usage


While the program offers outstanding and reliable protection, Kaspersky is also recognized for the low system resource usage. This means that the anti-virus software isn’t going to slow down your computer or reduce its performance. During tests, Kaspersky’s full system scan for viruses reduced the performance of the system by approximately 11 percent. This is minimal and isn’t going to have a massive slowing effect on a PC. When Kaspersky is idle and solely running in the background, system resource utilization is even lower.


Outstanding User Interface


While protection is very important, usability also ranks among the most important Kaspersky antivirus features. In comparison to other programs, Kaspersky is simple and intuitive, users can easily identify the functional buttons and perform the most important tasks/setting adjustments linked to reducing the risk of malware infections. Navigation is also relatively simple, giving a pretty good idea about the available options without getting cumbersome.


Additional Kaspersky Antivirus Features


Kaspersky has a lot to offer on top of the standard features. Parental control settings make it easy to restrict access to certain websites and there’s also an adult software filter and browsing limits. A password manager allows effortless integration across most browsers. It works with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. A few other great features include a task manager that provides detailed information about CPU and RAM usage, a file shredder, remote management (compatible with Android devices), web-based interface and powerful anti-phishing tools.


Reasonable Price


When it comes to choosing the best malware protection, identifying the best price to quality ratio is the way to go. Kaspersky is reasonably priced for a basic package which gives access to real-time protection, manual scanning, spyware and anti-phishing protection and free technical support.


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