Run by the search engine Bing, this is an in-app search engine which can help you to find references for any unfamiliar terms or phrases. Click and run the cursor over the word/phrase and then drag the cursor along said word to highlight it. Then the basic definition or information will appear in your program cutting out the need to open a search engine thus making the whole process easier.


Tell Me


Is like Siri or Cortana but for your Office suite. Click on the "Tell me what you want me to do" box on ribbon at the top of your Office 2016 page and type in basic instructions for what you’re trying to do,. Tell Me will then offer assistance or sometimes just open the exact tool/feature you require. If Tell Me is unsure of the solution it’ll do what it can to help you figure it out yourself. A very handy tool to get you used to using Office 2016 programs.




Clutter is basically a filter that helps sort out a messy inbox in your Microsoft Outlook. It uses a range of algorithms to sort messages into ones you are likely to ignore and ones that are important. Ones that aren’t important will go into the ‘Clutter’ folder for you to look at at your will and as you use your mail more Clutter will begin to know which emails belong where.


Fast Integration


Integration has always been a major selling point for Office, but Office 2016 does what previous editions have failed to by making it simple. With quick access to any document you’ve worked on in any Office program, you’ll find it easier than ever to finish up a document in Word, add in a graph built in Excel, and mail the entire thing off in Outlook. No more wasted time hunting down files, or annoying compatibility headaches.


Easier Collaboration


One of the most important aspects of Microsoft Office has always been the ability to transfer files, graphs and words between the different programs, for example creating a graph in Excel and then copying it into a Word document. The big bonus with this newer version is that you can do all of this so much easier, saving you a lot of hassle.


There are plenty of other Office 2016 updates to discover, but if this sounds like the right version for you purchase Microsoft Office 2016 today from SoftwareKing!