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We search the web daily so you don't have to! We guarantee that all our software is authentic and that you will receive the best prices on software today.


Ordering Online
To find your product:

  1. Choose the appropriate category from the left hand menu, then continue to locate the product you are searching for.
  2. Use the search box on the top of the web site and enter the product you are looking for.
Purchase your product:
  1. After you locate your product, click "add to cart" at the bottom of the page.
  2. Confirm your order. If it is correct, then enter your name, address and credit card information. Click on the "buy now" button to receive your order confirmation number. This will let you know your order has been received and is on its way.

Ordering by Mail
We currently do not accept orders by mail

Volume Ordering
Our website will automatically discount volume orders based on the size of the order

Order shipment
Orders received prior to 2pm pacific time usually ship same business day.


Privacy Policy
We respect your privacy. That's why we will not disclose, rent or sell your email address, or other contact information to any other company. We collect this information in order to be able to process your order and to offer you special deals form time to time. To learn more about our privacy policy, click here.

All information about you will be maintained with strict confidence. Should you ever wish to be removed from an email list with SoftwareKing, we will process your request immediately.

Security Policy
Security of your information is our top priority. Our shopping system uses the latest SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, making it extremely difficult for your data to be intercepted by an unauthorized party.

Our encryption level technology is the same levl that is used by NASA and the CIA.

Return Policy - Physical Products
Returns on unopened software will receive a refund less 20% restocking fee if returned within 30 days of receipt by customer. We do not refund shipping and handling charges. Defective items will be replaced or credited towards another purchase. No returns on opened software will be accepted. There are no refunds on download orders once the software has been downloaded. On defective items received for exchange, we will pay for replacement shipping after received at customer expense.

All returns must be shipped to, SoftwareKing, 1125 Fir Ave, #119 Blaine, WA 98230. Please include your order number. You must keep your tracking number. Once you see the package has been received by SoftwareKing, email the tracking number, along with your order number to Only then can the credit take place.

Return Policy - Download Products
For Office 2013 and Office 365 products, there are no refunds once the key has been redeemed at Microsofts site. For all other downloadable products, there are no refunds once the software has been downloaded.

The Buyer may be subject to no less than a twenty percent (20%) restocking fee, shipping charges, and any losses incurred by Seller if a package is refused without prior authorization.

Product Questions

What are OEM products?
OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, products are different from retail versions in both licensing and packaging. OEM software is full version software and will not act as an upgrade. OEM does not come in a retail box, is always licensed for one computer, is not transferable and does not come with free manufacturer technical support. OEM products have the license on the CD. No paper license is required for OEM products. OEM products usually consist of a CD, COA (Certificate of Authenticity), and a quick start guide. The full manual is accessible on the CD itself.

What are CD Only products?

CD Only Products do not include any books or manuals. You receive the CD media only. CD Only Products are good as a backup or if you didn't receive an original CD with your new PC.

What are Licenses, COA or EULAs?
Licenses, or End User License Agreements (EULA), give a customer the right to install and use that program on a machine. In many cases a business, school, or government will purchase one CD version and purchase many additional licenses. Since the customer doesn't have to pay for CDs with each license, this method is much cheaper than purchasing a full version with CD for each machine.

Some OEM products come with (COA)Certificate of Authenticity which confirms that the product was legitimately manufactured. Some businesses prefer this because it allows them to place a sticker to visually identify a system with specific software.

What are Retail products?
Retail Products are the same products you purchase at local software stores. It is packaged for retail sale and include retail box, cd(s), manual, paper license agreement, and registration card. Any customer qualifies for retail products.

What are Academic products?
Academic software is identical to the standard (non-academic) versions except the package is labeled "Academic". No special requirements are needed to purchase or activate academic software.

What does CAL stand for?
Client Access License. These allow the right for a computer to have access to the server, which is different than an operating system or workstation license which grants you the right to have an operating system running on your system.

What does no media mean?
No CD is included.

Product Availability
Our stock is kept full about 99% of the time. On occasion, our stock becomes depleted and may have to move on back order status. We strive to remove items low in inventory from the catalog to avoid this problem, but on occasion may experience short delays in filling orders. In this case we will advise customers immediately.

Is your software Used?
All software is 100% brand new.

Do I need to buy a licensed copy for every computer I own?
You are required to buy a license for every computer you own.

Is your software authentic?
Yes, all our software is 100% authentic.

How can you sell the software so cheap?
We work with large volumes and can afford to offer software at discounted prices.

Do you have items not listed on your site?
If you are inquiring about quantities of 20 or more, we may be able to locate these items, please provide your contact information and product of interest and we will have someone contact you. Or email us at

When items go out of stock, how long does it take for you to get new items in?
When an item goes out of stock, we cannot guarantee if we can get items in. We are always trying to secure supply. If you would like, please provide your contact details and product of interest and we will advise if it comes in.

Is your software an upgrade version?
Each software listed will specify whether it is an upgrade.


Shipping Methods
Our shipping options are as follows: $49.95 (Saturday Delivery), $36.95 (Priority overnight-next business day), $26.95 (Standard overnight-next business day), $19.95 (2 day air), and $9.95 (3-5 day ground). Items are shipped via Fedex, Purolator or XpressPost.

Shipping to Canada/US only.

How do I track my shipment?
We maintain tracking numbers for all shipments. Once an item has shipped, the tracking number will automatically be emailed to the shipping recipient. A signature will be required for all deliveries. We ask that our customers be patient, and if you have not received your product within 3-5 days of order, email us and we will retrieve the tracking number for you. This policy allows us to reduce our administrative costs and keep our prices low.

Has my product shipped?
When will I get it?
Can I have a tracking number?
You should receive a purchase confirmation in your email. If you have not received your shipment within 6 business days after your order, please call or email us back and we will retrieve a tracking number for you.

Its been more then 6 business days, where is my product?
Please provide the name the item was ordered under, the email, your name and number and a sales representative will retrieve the information for you.